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Tactical Property Surveillance (TPS) is situated in the Sandton CBD and has been since 1995. We are therefore not new in the industry or in the area, we just have a new approach. We specialize in guarding only, and in this we can keep our promise to our clients of absolute professionalism and value for money service.

Whether you need a vehicle looked after or keep your staff safe in a multi-storey building, we can do it. Not only do we have experience in the Corporate Industry, but we cater largely for the Hotel Industry. Our Operations Manager being the organiser for the Sandton Hotel Security Forum.

Through our experience in the Sandton area, we have also built up a large database of the various crimes, suspects and incidents occurred in the last 10 years, which we constantly use to train and re-train our staff to be at the top of their game in Observation, Prevention and Investigation.

Our Do’s and Don’ts

We DON’T just drop off a guard and leave him or her on your site

We DO place a guard on your premises that meets your requirements

We DON’T give you ‘Wave in, wave out’ guards

We DO place fully trained, site-specific guards that will be an extension of your Organisation

We DON’T leave you with only supervisor visits

We DO site visits on Management and Owner level

We DON’T sign you into any lengthy or long-term contracts

We DO a month-to-month service ensuring that we are always at our best to ensure that we keep you as our client for the next month

We DON’T spend money on fancy vehicles and over-the-top branding

We DO ensure that our staff earn what they are worth, including contributing towards a Provident Fund that helps them with their future

We DON’T allow damaged and old uniform

We DO ensure that our staff always portray a professional image through their uniform

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